Rooted in Nutrition is a nutritional consulting company founded by Michelle Juda, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Our goal is for you to achieve optimal health with natural nutrition while engaging in a mind, body, spirit approach. Using the latest research, we offer individualized nutrition programs and ongoing coaching and support to help you be successful in obtaining optimal health and wellbeing. We will work with your healthcare professionals to ensure that all programs are safe, especially if you are on any medications or being treated for chronic health issues.

We believe that many root causes of disease and chronic illness stem from the foods we eat, poor digestion, and absorption or assimilation of nutrients. Each of us is biochemically different and metabolic patterns are unique to each individual, so a customized program is developed for your specific needs. As we age, our immune system resistance weakens due to the accumulation of toxins leading to metabolic overload, nutritional deficiencies from eating patterns, emotional stressors and physical stress which increases nutrient requirements and leads to deficiencies. If we are experiencing nutrient deficiencies, our immune system is stressed, which in turn stresses our organs and weakens the body’s ability to fight disease. You cannot affect one part of the body without affecting other parts.

Michelle Juda is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist graduating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She has also enjoyed several Raw Food & Mediterranean cooking classes, studied meditation practices, Qigong and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto where she studied Biology and Environmental Sciences. Her passion for the environment continues today with her efforts in the Forest Avenue P.S. Eco Club, creating awareness on issues like Eco-Nutrition, gardening, sprouting, recycling, and global climate issues. She is currently working on a community garden program and has recently partnered with Bees Are Life that aims at supporting bee farming and fortifying bee saving programs that use ecological farming practices that work with nature and strengthen crop diversity.

Michelle has always had a passion for food and cooking. With European and South American heritage, there was never an issue of whether or not to make fresh meals – it was mandatory. The kitchen was the heart of the family and cooking and offering food to others was a sign of caring and ultimately wellness.

Her previous 20 year career as an Interior Designer, brings her kitchen design and Feng Shui expertise into your kitchen, onto your dinner plate, and into your wellbeing.

“ Energy wants to flow, life wants you to be free.” – Anonymous