Detoxification Programs

Detoxification is necessary to release toxic buildup from the foods we eat, the environments we live in, the skin products we use and our lifestyle habits. Our bodies want to be in a state of homeostasis and detoxing allows us to alkalinize our bodies and lymphatic system by removing layers of toxicity. It has been practiced for thousands of years by many different societies to improve health and wellness and increase longevity. There are several ways to detox and cleanse your body as a preventative step for chronic disease, certain types of cancers, neurological diseases, fatigue and overall wellness. Detoxing should be done on a regular basis and there are many types of detoxes and simple ways to do this daily.

ThreeDayDetox_2panelOur Three Day Juice Detox program is a quick way to detox your body from toxic buildup and reboot your system. It is recommended to do this 2 to 4 times a year for annual maintenance (Discounts available on Year Programs – check our Rates & Packages). In this juice detox, you will consume nothing but Rooted in Nutrition fresh, cold-pressed juices, water and herbal teas for 3 days. We provide you with a list of custom juice flavours to pick from, a schedule to follow and a detox package with all the essentials to aid in your detoxing. The detox package is delivered to your door and all you need to do is Drink & Relax!


For those who are not ready to try the 3 Day Juice cleanse, we offer a 1 Day Juice cleanse in the same format – 6 different juices for the day, 355 mL each.

For detailed information on the 3 Day Juice protocol  CLICK HERE
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To read some Juice Detox testimonials, read our Detox Diaries stories.


  • increases energy & strength
  • detoxifies cells & tissues
  • assists in weight loss
  • improves mental clarity
  • restores alkaline balance
  • strengthens the immune system
  • helps prevent disease
  • tightens skin & smooths wrinkles
  • lowers blood pressure
  • lowers cholesterol
  • lessens aches & pains while reducing
  • inflammation
  • revitalizes organ systems
  • gives the Gastrointestinal system a rest
  • balances the nervous system
  • helps the lungs breathe more deeply

Note: Juice Detox is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, diabetics, or individuals on blood thinner medication.


7 Day Liver Cleanse – increase energy, eliminate toxins & reduce stress on your liver
21 Day Detox Program with Food & Juices – recommended for chronic symptoms & to aid in changing eating habits – the longer you cleanse, the deeper the experience.
21 Day Weight Loss Program with Food & Juices – lose weight naturally, while changing your habits and cravings at the same time.

21 Day Hormone Protocol – balance your hormones & PMS symptoms naturally while eating delicious & nutritious foods.

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